Agnes Radiofrequency Device​

What is An Agnes Radiofrequency Device​?

Agnes RF is an innovative radiofrequency microneedling device that utilizes exclusive Square Wave energy and custom micro-insulated needles. It harnesses the power of RF energy and concentrates it to treat target areas in a minimally invasive, non-surgical manner.

What is RF Energy?

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is a form of electromagnetic waves found in everyday appliances like microwaves, radios, and cellphones. In aesthetic treatments, the electromagnetic current is used to deliver thermal energy to heat the deep layer of the skin known as the dermis. This heat stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Like most forms of energy, RF energy induces heat – the foundation of RF energy treatments.

How does Agnes RF use RF Energy?

Agnes RF utilizes RF energy in its handpiece and delivers it through the innovative micro-insulated needle. The micro-insulation coating on the needles preserves the integrity of the upper layers of the dermis and only releases concentrated RF energy through the needle tips. This allows for safe and comfortable, yet deep penetration of the skin to deliver heat to targeted areas. The selective heating and coagulation induces natural bodily reactions, encouraging the production of collagen and elastin.

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Benefits of Agnes RF

The innovative single and three-pin needles are anatomically designed for specific facial regions and treatments. Every needle is different in length, shape, and insulation, ensuring that treatments are efficiently tailored to treat the areas of concern. With its incredibly small size and precise energy delivery, it can treat delicate, hard-to-reach areas that were not possible before. The micro-insulated needles allow for concentrated RF energy delivery while preserving the upper layer of the dermis. This allows for a safe and effective treatment that is minimally invasive with minimal downtime.

Agnes RF can also be used with or after other facial treatments, enhancing the results of previous procedures. The precise RF delivery helps increase efficiency and reduce downtime, allowing patients to layer treatments with less time in between. With the innovative size and design of the Agnes needles, Agnes RF can also help patients treat the small, difficult areas that previous procedures might have missed. Agnes RF can provide those crucial last touches that bring together all the procedures and treatments into a final beautiful result.

What separates Agnes RF from other RF Microneedling Devices?

Agnes RF distinguishes itself from other RF microneedling devices with its custom-created needles, exclusively engineered energy, and completely customizable treatment modes.

Agnes Medical has engineered the unique micro-insulated needles, designed using the vertical anatomy of the skin, to further treat hard-to-reach areas of the skin. As opposed to the typical square multi-needle heads, commonly found in other microneedling devices, Agnes RF needles are single or three-pin only; emphasizing the importance of selective targeting of treatment areas. There are 9 types of needles with varying shapes and sizes for specific facial regions and skin concerns. Due to the Agnes needles’ incredible size, areas once considered to be too delicate to treat are now in the realm of possibilities.

Agnes Medical has created the Agnes RF device with patient safety as one of its central pillars. We have developed an exclusive form of RF energy delivery now known as Square Wave Energy. To minimize damage to the outer layers of the skin, Square Wave Energy reduces the amount of residual energy left in the needles with each pulse. Not only does this make each treatment more efficient, requiring fewer passes, but it also preserves the external integrity of the patient’s skin by preventing the possibility of residual accumulated heat. Agnes Medical believes that patient safety should always come first, before anything else, and the engineering of Square Wave Energy reflects our efforts to ensure that.