Anal Bleaching

What is Anal Bleaching?

Anal bleaching, sometimes called anal lightening, refers to the process of lightening the darker skin pigmentation on or near the anus, which results in a more even color and skin tone overall. The process itself involves applying a special cream to the area in a very careful manner.

Why Choose Anal Bleaching?

The act of bleaching one of the most delicate and sensitive areas found on the body is becoming more and more popular in today’s mainstream culture and media. People spend a great deal of time and effort grooming and maintaining their other body parts, why not their anus as well?

Anal bleaching primarily started when actors and associated entertainers wanted to ‘look their absolute best’ in terms of every single aspect of their body. Today, however, many different kinds of people want to try anal bleaching treatments or products for a variety of reasons, regardless of their race, gender, age, or even income. They all want a practical way to manage the appearance of a very intimate, private area to visually enhance it and improve their overall skin tone in that particular area.

Some people with darker skin tones around their genitals, namely their anuses, are embarrassed and want to do something about it. Therefore, they are starting to lighten the color of their anuses to match the rest of their skin. Beauty treatments, no matter what they specifically involve, are just standard practice in everyday life.

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Why Anuses Change Color

Due to hormonal changes along with the natural aging process, both women and men can develop darker skin tones around their private areas. Darker pigmentation on or near the anus can sometimes occur during pregnancy, because of an increase in melanin, or from wearing excessively tight clothing. As a result, anal bleaching has now become a regular practice in some cultures. People seeking a solution to diminish the dark discoloration of their anus sometimes turns to anal bleaching creams for help.

How Does Anal Bleaching Work?

Melanin, a naturally occurring chemical in the body, works to darken skin color as a way to protect it from the rays of the sun. As more and more melanin is produced, the skin eventually darkens. Hydroquinone, mercury, and other key lightening chemicals reduce the production of melanin in the skin. When applied to a specific area, the skin is thus lightened.

Overall, bleaching agents are only meant to lighten the color of the skin temporarily. In addition, exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun may potentially re-oxidize the area, leaving the exposed area even darker than before, which is why most fading or skin bleaching products caution against sunlight exposure immediately following the application process, including tanning beds.

Are the results permanent?

You’ll have to continue bleaching the skin for long-term results.

Daily activities, such as walking, running, and sweating, cause friction. Friction increases skin pigmentation.

If you decide to try laser bleaching, you may need touchups every six months.

What to expect from aftercare and maintenance

You should abstain from sex for at least three days after your session.

If you’re experiencing any sensitivity or discomfort, you may need to abstain for longer. We will offer guidance for your individual situation.

We will send you home with a lotion, cream, or gel to apply to the bleached area. This can help ease any inflammation. It may also help you avoid infection.