Erectile Dysfunction

Though a sensitive issue, erectile dysfunction is a fairly common concern that many men have to deal with. Stress, poor nutrition, obesity, and other factors can play a big role in the development of this problem. While improving one’s bad habits may provide some relief, proper medical treatment may be necessary to completely restore sexual function in some men. If you’re looking for erectile dysfunction treatment, we are happy to meet with you and determine the best course of action.

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

It’s normal for men to have occasional performance issues. Though you might find it frustrating and embarrassing to lose your erection during sex or find yourself unable to become erect at the right time, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have ED. ED means you regularly cannot achieve or sustain an erection firm enough for sex.

Don’t be embarrassed to seek treatment for ED. ED is a common condition that affects men of all ages and is best treated by men’s health specialists. Dr. Keswani has treated many cases of ED, and Atma Health is a comfortable, confidential, and safe environment for addressing men’s health issues.

About Erectile Dysfunction and Aging

Early Stages of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Morning erections less frequent or softer
  • More effort or concentration needed to get an erection
  • Ejaculation occurring quickly or with a softer erection
  • Difficulty maintaining an erection to complete intercourse

What causes erectile dysfunction?

You might not think of an erection as a complicated process with multiple steps, but it is, and ED can occur at any of these steps. An erection begins with appropriate libido mediated by male hormonal balance followed by sensory nerve stimulation, which leads to sexual arousal. Your body responds physically to this arousal, including nerve impulse to the penis to relax smooth muscles allowing the penis to expand its size and by increasing blood flow to the penis. Functional veins are also required to entrap the blood within the erectile tissue in the penis for erection maintenance.

The cause of ED can be mental, physical, or both. Common factors that contribute to ED include:

    • Low testosterone
    • Smoking cigarettes
    • Excessive alcohol consumption
    • Stress and anxiety
    • Vascular disease
    • Diabetes Mellitus
    • Relationship problems
    • Drugs (prescription, elicit, and over-the-counter)

To help your doctor treat you, keep track of your erectile difficulties, including when they started, and when they get worse or better. The key to effective ED treatment is determining its underlying cause.

Make a Plan for Your Consultation

Dr. Keswani at Atma Health can talk through your case, help walk you through our procedure, and answer any questions you may have.