Hand Filler

What is Hand Filler?

Using injectable fillers we can perfect your hands to look smooth and clear. No surgery, no scars, no anesthesia and real results!

How Does Hand Rejuvenation Work?

Don’t let your hands give away your age when you can quickly and easily treat it. The aging process is undeniable, and so is the result on your hands. You may have seen what injectable fillers can do to add volume to the lips and the face, but you will be amazed at how well it can rejuvenate your hands. Stop giving away your age with your hands. 

Treatment Time

  • RADIESSE®: 60 minutes.

Recommended Frequency Of Treatments

  • RADIESSE®: Really depends on your aging process and your personal preferences. Discuss with us during your appointment or pre-appointment consultation.

Possible Side Effects

  • RADIESSE®: After injection, possible side effects can include localized redness, tenderness, swelling, firmness, bumps, discoloration, bruising, or very rare possibility of infection.