Jaw Slimming

Jaw Slimming Injections

Certain individuals may appear to have wider jaws. This can be due to either enlarged jaw or masseter muscles, excess fatty tissue in their cheeks, or a protruding jawbone or mandible. As we age, the loss of bony structures and sagging skin will cause the lower face to become wider. Therefore, to achieve a more youthful appearance, one can narrow the appearance of the lower face. This can be achieved by several means and one procedure is Irvine jaw slimming injections.The most obvious and cost-effective method is simply to lose some weight—if the problem stems from excess fatty tissue in the cheeks. Certain people are good candidates for a procedure called buccal fat removal, which involves surgically removing some fatty tissue from the mid-cheek or “buccal” area. Another invasive or surgical procedure involves shaving some of excess bone off the mandible to reduce the appearance of a protruding jawbone.

A very convenient non-invasive procedure is to simply inject Botox into the masseter muscles in order to cause the muscles to atrophy or become smaller. Since Botox paralyzes or weakens the muscle that it is injected into, the muscle will eventually become smaller by the mere fact that it is no longer in use and contracting. Imagine if Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped working out; his enlarged muscles would obviously become much smaller. The amount of Botox used for this procedure is usually significantly more than that used to smooth out wrinkles on the face. Not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure because they may not have prominent jaw muscles. Therefore, they would not benefit at ALL if this is the case. Dr. Tsay will determine if you’re a good candidate. If you’re not, he will advise you of another alternative treatment to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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