Founded in 2015, we are an award-winning and top-rated medical spa, offering a full range of non-surgical aesthetic procedures with premium injectables, FDA-approved equipment, and advanced technologies, ensuring the utmost safety and quality for our clients. With a strong commitment to superior standards and comprehensive treatment options, we have established ourselves as the top medical spa in the Valley. Dr. V, a highly skilled cosmetic physician, approaches her work with an artistic touch, making us the number one choice for all non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the region.

Dr. V’s motto “comparison is blindfold to your true self, you are your own perfect” resonates at Atma Health, where we recognize your inner beauty and help you enhance it to unveil your utmost potential. Our natural and rejuvenating treatments address skin concerns, slow aging, and promote overall wellness, offering genuine and impressive results.

About Dr. Vineeta Keswani

Dr. Vineeta Keswani is a certified physician in surgical and non-surgical Cosmetic Treatments, Medical Hair Restoration, and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She has over 20 years of experience as a physician. Initially trained and board-certified as an ER physician at Kern County/UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, she later trained at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and Empire Medical to pursue her true passion. Known for her genuine compassion and hand of perfection, she will put you at ease as she explores all your available options to achieve your desired goals. Dr. Vineeta Keswani has devoted her life to mastering her craft and understands that being an injector is akin to being an artist. She understands that injecting is an art form as well as the importance of choosing the perfect technique to help her achieve a patient’s aesthetic goals.

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