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Weight Management is a multifaceted challenge that requires a variety of treatment options. There is no universal remedy suitable for everyone. Our weight management program offers tailored solutions for weight loss and upkeep, ensuring that the treatment aligns with each patient’s unique lifestyle, medical requirements, and weight loss objectives. Depending on your individual circumstances and weight management goals, Dr. Keswani may prescribe a treatment based on her expertise as a wellness physician.

Did you know?

Even a slight reduction in body weight, ranging from 5% to 15% of total body weight, in individuals classified as overweight or obese, can significantly diminish the risk factors associated with certain diseases, notably heart disease.

Weight Loss Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Vineeta Keswani will recommend a program that will best meet your weight loss and health goals. Dr. V has formulated a consultation method that will tailor you as an individual. The doctor will meet with you for 30-60 minutes to personally get to know you and for a complete medical evaluation. She will combine this with your BMI and complete blood analysis to develop a personalized treatment approach that will be the most successful for you. Schedule your consultation today!

Our Medical Weight Loss Program


Our Sculpt Membership has been carefully curated by Dr. V to provide guidance and support during your weight loss journey! This membership includes a full Medical Weight Loss Management Plan, Diet and Nutrition Plan, Weekly 1:1 Coaching, Monthly Prescription Refill, Weekly vitamin injections, and Choice of 1 monthly body treatment to maintain and upkeep results.


There are a multitude of FDA-approved and off-label medications that can be used in weight management to be personalized to patient needs. Sympathomimetics (such as Phentermine) and GLP Agonists (Tirzepatite aka Moujaro, Semaglutide aka Ozempic & Wegovy) are among the most popular used. During your Consultation with Dr. V, she will examine your most recent bloodwork to determine which, if any, medications are best suited for you and your overall health and fitness goals.


Weight management complexity arises from variations in individual genetics, metabolism, and behavioral patterns. At our clinic, we prioritize creating a regimen that is adapted to each individual’s unique lifestyle, specific medical requirements, and personal objectives. Dr. Keswani specifically designs and prescribes tailored treatment plans to optimize results.

Losing 5-15% of body weight significantly reduces the risk of diseases like heart disease.

Dr. Keswani meets with you for 30-60 minutes, conducts a thorough evaluation, considers your BMI and bloodwork, and creates a personalized treatment plan.

SCULPT by Dr. V is a comprehensive membership program supporting weight loss. It includes a Medical Weight Loss Plan, Coaching, Monthly Prescription Refills, Weekly injections, and a monthly body treatment.

We offer FDA-approved medications, such as Phentermine and GLP Agonists. Dr. Keswani reviews your bloodwork during your consultation to select the best medication.

Schedule a consultation online with Dr. Keswani, who will create a personalized weight management plan for you.

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